Baja Betty’s Relocation (APRIL FOOLS’)

Thanks for the laughs. Happy April Fools’ Day!

Baja Betty’s is excited to announce after 10 years of residing in Hillcrest, San Diego we have secured a new lease in the heart of Old Town, San Diego. Coming Summer of 2015 Baja Betty’s will be located in Old Town San Diego in the old Wells Fargo Museum location.

“It’s been a great ride in Hillcrest, San Diego, but it’s time to move into the roots of Betty’s. It just makes sense that we are relocating to Old Town,” states General Manager Stefan Chicote.

The new location will hold twice as many guests as it will have an upper loft and views of Old Town. The new location will feature a new menu and an all new spin on some of our classics such as the Fugly Betty Margarita.

Stay tuned for more info coming this month.