Tequila Club August 2014

This months tequila is a fan favorite… FORTALEZA!!!

Fortaleza is truly an artisan tequila, still using a Tahona wheel to extract, a brick oven to roast, and copper pots to distill.

Known in Mexico as “Los Abueltios”, the name reflects on the history that Fortaleza comes from. After being sold in 1976, the Sauza family left the tequila making game. In 2002, Guillermo Sauza wanted to bring his family back to the business they made so famous; he created “The Grandfathers” tequila.

We know “Los Abuelitos” as Fortaleza in the US because of copyright issues, but we get the same great taste!

Come check Fortaleza out, along with our other tastings, THIS Saturday!!

See you soon Tequila Club Family!!!

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