January 2015 Tequila Club

Happy New Year Tequila Club!

This month we are featuring Sino Tequila. Sino is created in a 100% female owned, and operated distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Vinos y Licores Azteca. They are a company that is dedicated to giving back to the community. For every Sino Tequila (drink or shot) sold in Baja Betty’s, Sino will donate 25¢ to Mama’s Kitchen… so make sure you have a few.

For you whiskey drinkers, try Sino Irish…. it is aged in Jameson whiskey barrels and has that delicious Jameson taste.

A bit about the history of Sino Tequila.

In late 2007, a group of friends were talking about (and of course drinking) our favorite alcohol, Tequila, and how things had become very stale and superficial in promoting this great liquid in the U.S. Judy Rivera started thinking about how bringing a new perspective to the tequila market influenced by her years of living in LA and all the great friendships she had made with artists, musicians, skaters and other inspiring people along the way could stir things up all the while creating a tequila from scratch, exactly the way she wanted it to taste.

At the tail end of 2009 Judy’s dream came true. Her recipes for Sino Tequila were born in a small, 100% female owned and operated distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Vinos y Licores Azteca.

Now that she had her tequila, she hit the streets with the mission of being an independently owned company, producing one of the highest quality tequilas available and staying true to keeping the Sino brand fresh with creativity by collaborating with artistic icons.

I also set out to give back to the community that influenced me throughout my life and decided to donate $1 of every bottle I sell to non profit organizations that support the artistic community.

With everything falling into place, Judy am proud to say Sino Tequila brings quality, tradition and the streets together into one beautiful collision.

Tasting Notes

Los Altos (Highlands) region
Distillery location – Valle de Guadalupe, Jalisco

Melly Barajas

Aged min. 9 yrs
Tequila is 100% blue agave

The agave pina is cut into 4 and cooked in manpostery (clay) ovens at 90 C for 24hrs. The steam is turned off and the pinas rest for another 24 hours in the oven which reposes steam left on the inside of the pinas. The oven is then opened and the pinas rest for another 24 hours. This process ensures the maximum conversion of starch into sugar.

4 grinders are used with hydrolysis in between the grinding process to help obtain the most sweet juice (mosto) from the pina (12 brix degree – % of sugar in the juice).

The extracted juice is put into open air fermentation tanks and 100% natural yeast (no chemicals) is added. The juice is left in the tanks for 6-8 days ensuring a stronger aroma, fuller body and lasting taste.

After fermentation the juice is then put into stills and double distilled. After the second distillation, a larger portion of the heads and bottoms are removed, obtaining 30-40% less product than many tequilas. This retains a very high quality and agave flavor in the juice of Sino Tequila.

Sino sees 96 hours of oxygenation.

This process creates Sino Silver. This final product is then bottled or sent to rest for 4 months in American whiskey barrels to become my Reposado or to rest for slightly over 2 months in Irish whiskey barrels to become my “Irish” Reposado.

Sino Silver begins with a fresh, agave aroma. The flavor shows vibrant cinnamon, nutmeg, ripe melon, kiwi and cucumber with overtones of lime zest. The finish is clean and slightly sweet.

Sino Reposado is a subtle tequila that has lovely weight on the palate, with a strong brown sugar component. The finish is warm and smooth.

Barrels for Reposado:
Jack Daniels white oak barrels – 1/2 new and 1/2 once used charred barrels

Sino “Irish” Reposado has a dark color that comes from the heavily charred barrels. The aroma left in the barrel by the Jameson whiskey is very prevalent on the front end nose of the juice. The flavor of the agave is prevalent throughout the juice but is also complimented by a strong sweet whiskey flavor, similar to all fine Irish whiskey’s due to the large amounts of barley they use to produce Irish whiskey. Sino “Irish” finishes with a warm, lingering nuttiness on the palate.

Barrels for “Irish” Reposado:
Jameson Irish whiskey barrels – 100% used and fully charred