Tequila Club: September 2014

It was another extraordinary Tequila Tasting Club at Baja Betty’s. We got to sample the amazing Gran Centenario Plata as our tequila of the month. Gran Centenario has been a taster’s favorite for the year and we anticipate anyone who tastes it to fall in love.

A bit about Gran Centenario’s Plata
Gran Centenario’s Plata tequila has an interesting aspect in comparison to other blanco tequilas. The 100% agave white tequila is aged in French Limousin oak for 28 days, giving the spirit hints of oak in the earthy base. This is a nice turn on the concept of blancos, which are known to be unaged, and adds an unusual depth that is a nice addition to many of the favorite tequila cocktails.

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