Tequila Club: September 2014

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It was another extraordinary Tequila Tasting Club at Baja Betty’s. We got to sample the amazing Gran Centenario Plata as our tequila of the month. Gran Centenario has been a taster’s favorite for the year and we anticipate anyone who tastes it to fall in love.

A bit about Gran Centenario’s Plata
Gran Centenario’s Plata tequila has an interesting aspect in comparison to other blanco tequilas. The 100% agave white tequila is aged in French Limousin oak for 28 days, giving the spirit hints of oak in the earthy base. This is a nice turn on the concept of blancos, which are known to be unaged, and adds an unusual depth that is a nice addition to many of the favorite tequila cocktails.

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